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We redefined what a taco can be with Taco Gifter.

A taco says a thousand words.

We reimagined what a taco can be with Taco Gifter. This first-ever taco-gifting service lets you gift a taco to anyone for any reason. It’s a fun, simple way to make somebody’s day.

“The new digital innovation makes the universal love for tacos ready-to-gift.” — QSR Magazine

Solving problems with tacos.

Our team at Deutsch noticed that digital gestures, like posting “HBD” or texting “thx!”, tend to lack real meaning. So we came to Taco Bell with a solution: Taco Gifter.

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A taco is the perfect gift for any occasion…

…or no occasion whatsoever. We used this strategy throughout our advertising, even maxing out Taco Bell’s Instagram story with 100 reasons to gift a taco. Because there’s a taco for everything.


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