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We partnered with #MeToo to help survivors reclaim the narrative.

“A new set of powerful public service announcements rejects that status quo by bleeping out the name of a well-known perpetrator. Instead, the videos focus on the dignity, humanity and healing of survivors of sexual violence” — LA Times

We see you.

We hear you.

We believe you.

When Tarana Burke woke up on October 15, 2017, the movement she started in 2006 and worked tirelessly on for more than a decade to bring healing to all survivors, went viral. But the core of her movement had been lost in messaging around boardrooms and political scandals, some even coining it a “witch hunt.”

To refocus the movement, we had to change the narrative and bring it back to the heart of the “me too” movement — support for ALL survivors.

Through four PSAs, a strategic PR plan and no paid media, we took back #MeToo.

“While the words and creative execution are undoubtedly powerful...the most crucial element in each is intersectionality.” — Adweek


Business Intelligence

Uncovering New Business Growth: And It’s Not From Where You Think.

by Heide Hays, Deutsch LA Head of Business Intelligence

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