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When we all had to stay home, we gave families a place to go.

The first summer camp designed for the internet.

Powered by Eko’s interactive technology, Camp was a place where kids and parents could do fun activities that boosted creativity, encouraged exercise, and promoted healthy habits.

“Camp Is In Session After All, Only It’s Virtual, At Camp By Walmart” — Forbes

Introducing a few counselors that need no introduction...

Campers were met with tons of new activities every day, hosted by counselors like Lebron James, Drew Barrymore, Neil Patrick Harris, and more.

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Hey Mom, look what we made (from scratch).

From stunning 3D animation to UX/UI to visual identity, the entire Camp advertising platform was conceptualized and built by Deutsch LA, in collaboration with the Steelhead motion graphics department.


Business Intelligence

Uncovering New Business Growth: And It’s Not From Where You Think.

by Heide Hays, Deutsch LA Head of Business Intelligence

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