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Ambition Fuels Progress.

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Ambition Fuels Progress.

The Los Angeles office of Deutsch was founded 22 years ago. It was a humble, 1,000 square-foot space in Santa Monica. We had 13 employees, no clients and a single conference room table from IKEA.


In our industry, this set of circumstances likely means failure is looming and that those employed should be preparing to seek new jobs.


This group, however, displayed something special. Something that cannot be taught. We like to call it outsized ambition. We won our first client within a month, and within three short years, we were named Agency of the Year.


A lot has changed in the 22 years since our founding. Our commitment to winning has not. Deutsch LA is still a group of creative problem solvers who consistently look to solve the problems of today, while also keeping an eye toward what’s next. We dream bigger. Work harder. Care the most.


Our legacy is built on a foundation of change; this year more than any other has affirmed that transformation fuels progress. So, we’re excited to announce that Deutsch LA is officially a wholly and separate entity from Deutsch NY, with each independently reporting into our holding company, IPG.



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This gives us new latitude to lean into our unique position. We live at the intersection of entertainment, technology and culture, shaped by the legacy of Hollywood and the smarts of Silicon Beach. We sit in the epicenter where trends are born and reverberate across America. We couldn’t be prouder of our recent work for Camp by WalmartTaco Bell’s Gifter program, and CMAB Dairy Dispensary because it reflects the unique brand of ingenuity we bring to all our work, our clients and our agency.


How have we won this year? We’ve Cared the Most. Every single one of us.


We’ve invested aggressively in our wholly owned production company, Steelhead, and it has led to our most diverse portfolio ever, bringing us all closer to the work.


We refreshed our leadership team, adding the not-so-new-to-Deutsch LA Chief Creative Officer Karen Costello, who was actually the 13th employee in that small Santa Monica office.




We’ve invested aggressively in our wholly owned production company, Steelhead, and it has led to our most diverse portfolio ever, bringing us all closer to the work.




We conducted a comprehensive audit of how we hire and promote every person in our organization, and, much like the tech companies revered for their work cultures, we are committed to ensuring greater transparency, inclusion and opportunity for every individual. In two months, nearly half (48%) of our new hires represent people of color, and a third of senior hires represent Black talent. The addition of Karen also marks the first time Deutsch LA will be helmed by a female CEO and CCO.


As we look forward, we find ourselves embracing our roots and how they’ve allowed us to evolve in the last 22 years. We’re still Deutsch LA, but with a new definition for the modern era: a culturally shaped, data-driven creative studio.


We’re grateful that you’ve followed our journey this far. You can see more of what we’re up to by following @deutschla on InstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.


We’re excited to embark on this next chapter and look forward to you joining us.

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