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Group Strategy Director

Deutsch LA is seeking an experienced Strategy Director to join the Strategic Planning team on Walmart.  Working on Walmart means working on the biggest company in the world, which means a plethora of opportunities to dig into, connect with consumers, and impact American life and American culture.  It’s a brand that’s at the very center of American life, a distinctly American brand, with a powerful bearing in the way that Americans’ shop, eat, and live their lives.
Our next Group Strategy Director will be someone truly T-shaped – with the ability to shift between the right brain and left, between analytical rigor and creative ideation, between quant and qual.  This person should have a grounding in business as much as culture, should be as much at ease on a Wall Street investor call as a client input call, who can toggle between the Wall Street Journal and TikTok, between pick-up trucks and electric cars, between Silicon Valley and Main Street, USA.  Ultimately, we’re looking for a multi-functional thinker who can extract the essentials from disparate sources, and brew them into powerful strategies for the brand. Someone who can be both a trusted advisor and a sparky provocateur.
This role will work on many elements of the Walmart business, with particular attention paid to developing the Walmart+ membership platform and the Grocery side of the Walmart business.  Other projects may include apparel, fashion, eyewear, and financial services.  The right applicant will have a strong presence for frequent client interaction.  He or she will work closely with the Group Planning Director to inspire to manage the strategic team and liaise with clients, and should be a positive presence, with a make-it-happen spirit.  This role will work in close partnership with clients, creatives, and leadership at Deutsch. 

Skills & Responsibilities:
  • Strong core competency in strategic planning’s bread and butter: research & insights, people & culture, media & connections, and the way they all fit together. 
  • Ability to both write and present persuasively yet simply. 
  • Leverage disparate data sources to drive insights; good understanding of brand, business, and measurement analytics.   
  • Attention to detail alongside ability to think on one’s feet.
  • Interest in the business, not just the advertising.  Understanding of brand KPIs, both in relationship to clients and creative teams. 
  • Participate in client relationships. Deliver fresh thinking to clients that are hungry for it, making them feel like an ally and part of the process. 
  • Work cohesively internally with account team and creative leads, and manage (and mentor) junior planners. 
  • A person who truly "cares the most.” Passionate and motivated by client’s success.
·       Experience and understanding of today’s retail environment, with its myriad transformations and disruptions.
·       Passion for studying and understanding culture, consumer and marketplace behaviors, particularly those that most impact business and marketing goals.

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