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Assistant Media Planner

The Assistant Media Planner is a vital part of the media department. This person has a hand in every single step of the media planning process from strategy discussions, to partner recommendations, pacing of the media throughout the campaign, reporting back to the client and finally billing and reconciliation.  Our media campaigns run across TV, connected TV, OLV, Display, radio and OOH.  There are lots of moving pieces, and at times, multiple campaigns to be planning for at once.  This role is fast paced and requires a great deal of organization and ability to communicate clearly with your team as well as other departments and in time the client.  The ability to work as part of a team in such an environment is critical, as is a sense of innate curiosity, attention to detail and a self-motivated work ethic.


Budget and Billing
Maintain budget and billing documents, assist with tracking media expenditures to ensure agency and client budget compliance, and works with Media Planner to analyze billing discrepancies.
  • Weekly digital campaign pacing (pulling data, building out excel documents necessary to track campaign performance)
  • Billing (pull billing data, collect invoices, reallocate over and under-deliveries, connect with Finance department to pull or send through drafts to send to client, compile
    the Client Progress Billing Sheet, reconcile invoices in Prisma)
  • Generates accurately detailed insertion orders within PRISMA to reserve advertising space, emails partners and confirm receipts
  •  Works with billing/finance team to reconcile billing discrepancies and process all invoices for payment
  • Ownership of accurate monthly forecasting placement and billing sheets
  • Creates and maintains all related documentation tangential to campaigns: records of plans, insertion orders, schedules, contracts, etc.
  • Handle daily campaign maintenance including questions regarding 3rd party ad servers, tracking and trafficking
  • Assist Planners in tracking/evaluating campaign effectiveness creating client reporting and post
Media Planning and Execution:
  • Develops a knowledge of planning/research tools
  • Utilizes syndicated planning tools to run reports, create RFP partner lists
  • Helps to create and send RFPs to appropriate partner consistent with targeting and tactical parameters
  • Collects and helps analyze RFP responses (follow up with those who haven’t responded)
  • Works with Ad Ops to set up 3rd party ad server/tracking follows through to ensure sites are enabled and all materials are received from creative agency
  • Communicates with Business Intelligence team to ensure the team has all data points necessary for client campaign reporting
  • Demonstrates multi-tasking ability, keep multiple projects on-track, structuring and executing work
  • Other responsibilities as needed, assembly of presentation materials, meeting setup and other administrative tasks
Client & Internal Relationships:
  • Supports Planners in preparing and delivering work to clients and colleagues
  • Attends status meetings when appropriate
  • Assists in managing relationships with external client vendor 
  • Engages with all work-related contacts in a professional & respectful manner
  • Possesses mature and professional business acumen in personal and written communications
Strategic Thinking & Leadership:
  • Keeps current with market research (industry periodicals, email newsletters, websites)
  • Demonstrates active listening skills and ability to apply learnings over time
  • Recognizes potential issues and problems, know when to escalate and propose solutions, where possible
  • Takes clear ownership of assigned tasks and performs with accuracy and timeliness
Communications Skills:
  • Expresses oneself clearly, concisely, and professionally in oral and written communications
  • Organizes ideas and information logically and sequentially
  • Behaves appropriately in the workplace or work-related settings maintaining a professional demeanor
  • Comfortable working in Excel, strong in PowerPoint and other Office products, as well as Keynote, Google docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, etc. 
  • Excellent time management skills and ability to follow through. Possess a strong and proven ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks with flexibility and communicate priorities to Supervisor
  • Extremely detail-oriented, with a proven system of double checks
  • Relevant work experience a plus
Salary: $40,000 plus paid overtime

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