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We could fill this section with platitudes and big promises, but that's not how people talk to one another. At Deutsch LA, we care the most. We care about our work, our clients and each other. So if this is the vibe you're looking for, send us your stuff and let's get to work.
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Please be aware that individuals not associated with Deutsch LA have fraudulently used our name and branding to solicit applications for fake jobs, to conduct fake job interviews, and/or make fake job offers.

Deutsch LA will never contact you from a personal email account (@gmail, @hotmail, etc.) nor ask for money in exchange for recruitment services as background screenings, equipment costs, training courses, etc. No financial information will be requested for recruitment purposes (bank account, credit card details, etc.). Interviewers will not ask for confidential or personal information (driver’s license or passport, a social security number, credit card, or banking information). Interviews are conducted in person or via web conferencing, not through text or messaging apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, SMS, etc.).

If you have provided personal information in connection with a fake job offer or interview and you are concerned, we suggest you take appropriate action and contact local law enforcement in your area. Please also reach out to us by sending an email to
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